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Completed 2011 Threads Letterman's so far!

Completed 2011 Threads Letterman's so far!
Still need these
Bilal Powell Letter P and E
Blaine Gabbert Need all but T
Christian Ponder Letter D and R
Jamie Harper Letter A
Julio Jones Need all but S
Mark Ingram Letter M
Ryan Williams Need all but M
Torrey Smith Need all but S & I

[Image: AndyDaltonThreads.jpg]
[Image: CamNewtonThreads.jpg]
[Image: CecilShortsThreads.jpg]
[Image: GregSalasThreads.jpg]
[Image: JordanTodmanThreads.jpg]
[Image: RickyStanziThreads.jpg]
[Image: RoyHeluThreads.jpg]
[Image: TitusYoungThreads.jpg]
[Image: VincentBrownThreads.jpg]

And 1 Upper Deck Letterman

[Image: BlaineGabbertTIGERS.jpg]
My Bucket
[Image: nameplate.jpg]

If I am interested in trading I will send a trade or reply to your post.


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Completed 2011 Threads Letterman's so far! - by onemanstanding - 08-31-2012, 09:57 PM

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