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1996 topps chrome michael jordan refractor
08-30-2012, 10:03 AM
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RE: 1996 topps chrome michael jordan refractor
(08-30-2012 09:26 AM)goldcoin2012 Wrote:  but i have seen BGS 9.5 with the same flaws. I even saw a PSA 10 Kobe refractor on ebay that has a refractor line in it. were these cards just over graded and just got lucky grades? If a avrage joe like me sends my jordan refractor in to BGS what are my chances at a 9?

I am an average joe and I got an 8.5 on my Nash... grade it, but be prepared to remove it from the slab if it gets lower than an 8.5. An 8.5 might even hurt the sell value on that one versus raw?

If you can see it, it will detract from the grade. I get mainly 9's and 9.5's on my last couple if BGS submissions because I am so picky on what I submit. The only grades I usually get that I am not happy with have to do with that surface subgrade. Centering and surface carry more weight than the corners and edges when they determine overall grade. I sent 3 diffierent Kobe base RC's from that set before I finally got this below....all because of centering and surface grades.
[Image: Kobechrome.jpg]

Centering and surface are hard to get good grades on that set as it is. I couldn't help more without a scan or good pic of your card.

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