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08-15-2012, 11:42 AM
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what does averyone think of the trade's this year me its crazy
1. dwight howard with the lakers i thought he had a few more years with the magic's
2. steve nash has been with the sun's for a pretty long time i dont really see him as a laker

3. andrew bynum i can see him with the sixer's they need some help

4.nate robinson i can see him as a celtic's player

5. ak-47 i really was hoping that he was going too stay with the jazz i dont see him as wolve's he should of stayed with the rushing teamand he said he was never going to play in the nba again i guess he must of changed his mind

6.brad miller man i wish he would when back with the kings

7. kirk hinrich hell yeah back with the bulls know all they need is the old team back again tyrus thomas ben gorden the bulls will be back like it was

8.kwame brown with the sixer's he might work out with the sixers

9.oj mayo i dont see him as a dallas player he was better left off with memphis

10.jason terry oh yeah its about time he is off with dallas and with boston he is a good shooter thats what boston needs is good shoters

11.grant hill with the clippers mybe he might work with the team i can see hill and blake teaming together

12. jeremy lin ah he was doing great but the injures man well he might work out with the rockets but hey 2 asian players with the rockets yao ming retired and jeremy lin thats 2 players with houston know you dont see that very much

13. jerry stackhouse man they need some help i miss the good old nets players

14. kyle korver damn i wish they did not trade him he would been with the old players again but damn oh well mybe next time

15. i can see kurt thomas with the knicks even though he is still playing pretty good for his age

16. josh childress man i wish he never left the hawks

17. kevin garnett sweet i just hope he plays like last year and no injureys

18. elton brand man man i wish he was traded too the clippers i can see hill blake and brad together i dont see him with dallas

19. arko milicic he just needs too retire

20.brandon haywood man i wished he would of stayed with the wizards

21.jason kidd i dont know about him with the knicks he was better off with dallas and he has been playing with dallas for years

22.jordan famer sweet he is no longer with lakers he need too be another team

and i lots more
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