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My vintage BGS/BVG Rookie Collection
07-03-2012, 11:23 AM
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Shocked My vintage BGS/BVG Rookie Collection
I think it's the right place to show my pc, I started last year. I still need some big cards, but I really like the look at this PC... All Gem mint or better!

I'm still looking for new cards to add to my pc. If you have a nice vintage rookie card, graded BVG/BGS 9.5 or 10, send me a message, I'm buying or trading!

[Image: 8767511_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5224602_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1970946_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3691463_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9829540_orig.jpg]
[Image: 815452_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1180333_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3798797_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3504857_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3041017_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5168102_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1788376_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4892177_orig.jpg]
[Image: 7239102_orig.jpg]
[Image: 6475585_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5600421_orig.jpg]
[Image: 802158_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8468792_orig.jpg]
[Image: 913607_orig.jpg]
[Image: 2323904_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9379702_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5294219_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5853072_orig.jpg]
[Image: 168116_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5038063_orig.jpg]
[Image: 3298468_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8349364_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5819197_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5337878_orig.jpg]
[Image: 2545354_orig.jpg]
[Image: 364985_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4376126_orig.jpg]
[Image: 9842914_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1771184_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1705122_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4938266_orig.jpg]
[Image: 1511031_orig.jpg]
[Image: 8413673_orig.jpg]
[Image: 5219876_orig.jpg]
[Image: 4961477_orig.jpg]

Collecting 2006-07 Paul Stastny & Dustin Tokarski
[Image: 1794915_orig.gif]
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My vintage BGS/BVG Rookie Collection - marclemagnifique - 07-03-2012 11:23 AM

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