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PRINTING--need help, please
06-20-2012, 12:18 PM
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PRINTING--need help, please
I've got 32,807 baseball cards entered so far--about 1/4 of my collection. These were entered BEFORE the website was switched over to what they're using now. The sets show up okay, but I now have to pay money to organize them. Fine, I can do that... but I need to find out where I left off. I haven't been able to get a clear answer of what the printout looks like from the Customer Support folks--they use phrases like "default format" and so on, but were unable to provide a sample of what the printout looks like.

I cannot at this time print an entire collection and have it sorted (too much load on the server, apparently). They did say that I can print out individual sets, such as 1978 Topps, but I have several hundred sets (with a lot more to come), so pulling up everything individually sounds like a profound waste of time. So I need to find out what the output looks like so that I can see if I can sort it myself in a spreadsheet. This would also let me work around the lack of good searching/filtering on the website.

This is really a key issue for me, so what I'd like to find out is if someone can print a sample of some collection/set to a file and email it to me so I can see what it looks like. If possible, I would love to see a bigger sample so I can see what I'd have to do to massage it to put it into Excel and so on. (Apparently, there's no import feature, darnit, but if I can at least get things into a spreadsheet format, I can do sorts and so on.) If I can work with the output, I'll gladly pay the $19.95, but if there's no useful output feature, I'm not inclined to pay a dime.

Can anyone help? Many thanks!

Yours truly,

John Hedtke

My wife's late husband was a collector. We aren't, and want to sell 80,000-100,0
00 baseball cards up until 1998 and other mdse, plus ass'td football, basketball
, and hockey cards. Want to stop by and make me an offer for everything?
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