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How Can we wake this forum up?
05-02-2012, 09:27 AM
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RE: How Can we wake this forum up?
I don't know what it is. I don't really care for Panini, but they really aren't the only problem. They make football stuff too and that forum has a lot of movement. I've tried to post threads, but a lot of people just don't get engaged. I'm not a big fan of trading because of the small few that try to rip people off. Not too many people post there collections for viewing, sooooo..... I don't really see much to get involved in. I get motivated when I see peoples collections.

The site really has become more technical than it use to be (it had problems before (which were fixed), but some more problems have been created). I have to go to the forums just to check my mail. I remember when you could look up cards and see how the prices have changed over time. That doesn't exist anymore. You cannot upload pics without using another site to make it happen (this problem has always existed here, lol). Truthfully the pricing has increased, but the things that I enjoy either doesn't happen (like people getting involved) or it doesn't exist anymore. Beckett has changed the site a few times since I've been on here. Even the date that they show that I joined is a couple years off. I think these are some of the things that have turned people away.

With all of that said, Baseball, Football even Hockey gets more movement, lol. The only time people get involved is when someone posts a rant or someone asks a question. I guess we are the last ones of a dying breed. I guess no one collects Basketball cards any longer. The only way that I can see us turning around this nightmare is to start our own card company, lol.

Everyone has made some very good comments. I think Ping hit it on the head, but I don't know if Beckett needs to find ways to generate money to stay afloat or what. This is my guess as to why some things that use to be free is either being charged now or there's a cap put on it.

As far as the comments about trading go. I remember a little over a year ago a person was trading a Durant RC auto (it wasn't even a high end one). I was offering a Jordan auto (which is hard to get people to do, lol) but wanted a little more to make the trade work. He was trying to find little things about my card to drop down the value, lol. He wanted more than what the card was selling for (at the time the value was dropping). Apparently he was trying to do a straight up trade. These are the turn offs to trading. If I'm going to do a high end trade, I'm not going to send you a $350-$450 dollar (SV) card for a $120-$160 (SV) card. I think this is the thought process as to why I think people would rather sell there high end stuff and buy what they really want for their PC.

I remember trading a Kevin Love SP Authentic auto patch RC for a Jordan card that was selling for around $40-$50 at the time. I guess you can tell that I'm kicking myself right now, lol. These are the breaks in trading. My point being is that everyone wants to hit the jackpot, but it really should be about the love of the hobby.

I collect LeBron, Jordan, Kobe and anything that catches my eye.
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