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Vince Young to the Bills???
05-25-2012, 08:00 PM
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RE: Vince Young to the Bills???
(05-08-2012 01:55 PM)bgt masters of tikid Wrote:  I wouldn't mind Young as a backup since he can possibly step in and it wouldn't hurt the Bills. However someone saying Fitzpatrick is terrible and young is far better is a huge stretch. The bills offense, well whole team were terribly injury plagued, and Fitz played half the year with broken ribs. I still think they are lacking on offense a bit, but if they use Jackson and Spiller correctly I think that can only help Fitz further develop this year. Having two healthy backs which averaged over 5 yards per carry a piece can only help. Depending on Nelson though and Steve Johnson's health I am iffy on the depth and skill set of the wideouts. Considering how easy the Patriots fulfilled the depth at WR for their team you'd figure Buffalo would do a bit more in that department.

Im a season ticket holder. I have been just reading this whole topic its a good one. My tickets are paying V. Young wow. I can't say it makes me happy, but look at it this way if Fitz goes down is he really a bad back-up. Lets not forget he has a winning record as a stater. I like something about this, really really think about it. That Coaching staff convinced M. Williams to come there. And there not the ugly sister in the NFL anymore. Who thought a coach from GT could get these guys to buy in but its happening. As a fan there's always hope, but Buddy and Chan are doing something right there were 5-1 last season until there whole Off line went down. You lose your stating center and its like playing 11 vs. 10 in a pick u game. The Bills have lead the league in players on IR in the last three years my god what do you do. I could not be happier with the moves there making to try to become competitive. Buffalo is not a place for players to go die anymore. Thats the Raiders MO right and its sad. If you don't think Buffalo team hasn't improved had over fist lol you just hate Buffalo and thats why we love the game. GO BILLS. #billsmafia

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