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BVG Graded cards valued less than ungraded of same condition??
05-16-2012, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: 05-17-2012 05:31 PM by coimbre 21.)
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RE: BVG Graded cards valued less than ungraded of same condition??
Beckett has needed to do quality check on the OPG for quite some time. There are way too many inconsistencies like graded cards pricing lower, modern cards in the junk category pricing too high, no pricing at all, or simply no record of certain cards. Personal to my own collecting, I've found vintage Topps Venezuelan and O Pee Chee prices in OPG consistently below actual market value, mostly raw since few have graded pricing. There are a number of pre-war issues where I've found this to be true as well. Of course, this can work in one's favor if a card is priced based on book and not market.

Just a couple of years ago the Beckett Graded Card Collector issue (paper) consistently listed all graded cards at a higher value, which leads me to believe that the OPG is lacking consistency checks to match the printed version. Personally, I would expect graded vintage cards to price higher since 99% of the time the cardboard has been successfully inspected under black light and 10X magnification for stains, indentations, marks, small creases, doctoring and trimming, which leads to the card's stated condition/grade and supports its value as a collectible asset.

I do agree with what RiceLynnEvans75 stated and I had that very conversation with the owner of my LCS just last week. Some raw card collectors or buyers see graded cards much differently and in many eyes, graded cards diminish the value because it doesn't fit their collecting goals. In his words, he has many customers who feel grading "ruins the card". Personally, I prefer graded cards but there are certain cards I want only in their natural raw state as well.

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