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OT: question about supercollecting

RE: OT: question about supercollecting
(04-20-2012, 10:16 PM)all day baby Wrote: I collect 2010 Sam Bradford autographed cards. I added all the non-1/1s to my Organizer as Wants. As mrgonzodad said, the 1/1s are bonuses. I've got 3, but only because I got good deals on them. None are plates, and only one is a Letterman type, where there are actually 8 letters. Now, I DID add everything larger than a 1/1, which includes #/2s, #/3s, and several #/5s.

Thank you for your post this is pretty much what I will be doing except malletts in 2011 lol
(04-20-2012, 10:21 PM)CowboysFan829488 Wrote: yes, they should. I have 1/1's figured into my DeMarco count. Take them out and I am at 60% at least

Thank you for your post I think I am leaning towards having them as bonuses though.
I recieved my answer that I will start with I will be deleting the thread tomorrow morning thanks for all the great responses!!
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