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OT- Mega Millions Arguement..What would you do?
03-30-2012, 03:45 PM
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RE: OT- Mega Millions Arguement..What would you do?
I'd give my two weeks notice at my current job and if I got bored, get a part time gig at Home Depot because power tools, hardware, and lumber is just fun.

All my debt would be paid off, which isn't much at this point anyway. My immediate family and wife's immediate family would have all debt wiped out and would be given a nice little bit to make sure they were comfortable.

I'd purchase a modest home on a lake, nothing extravagant because that's just not us. I'd make sure we were in a good neighborhood with a nice yard for my son. His lone request is that he would like the Lego set that is the Deathstar from Star Wars.

I'd give a nice little chunk to The Jimmy Fund.

There are 3-5 people on here that I would ask them if they could purchase any card for their PC, what would it be, and I would purchase them and mail them out as a surprise gift.

For myself, I'd have a little fun with the next Robert Edward auction.

Other than that, I'd just hang out, work out, relax, spend LOTS of time with my son, take part in a BBQ competition, and discover some new hobbies.
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