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OT- Mega Millions Arguement..What would you do?
03-29-2012, 01:18 PM
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OT- Mega Millions Arguement..What would you do?
I was on a job site this morning when I overheard an arguement between two guys over the Mega Millions 500 million Jackpot. I couldn't help but laugh at these guys who were bickering like little kids over something they don't even have. So I thought what fun would it be to ask you guys the same questions they were fighting over.

1. Would you take the payments or Cash option?
2. How would you help your closest friends and family? meaning..How much would you give them?

They both said cash option. One said he would keep 75% and split the 25% between family and friends. The other guy said to take the money and split it all down the middle. haha silly..

Since I asked I might as well start.
I would choose the cash option. I would call all my family over and give them the news. Then I would tell them to add up their debts and bring them to me and they would be paid off including morgage and car loans. I would then give each house hold 350k and let them pick a new car. Seeing as though I don't have true friends but one,i'd do the same for him. I would have college funds for my two kids. I would donate money to a church to help for a good cause "not sure what at this time". Take most of the winnings and put into savings,buy a comfortable house "no mansion" and me and the old lady a nice car,and a nice pickup for me. I'd also take my kids to disney. Not much else. I'd prolly buy a couple hobby boxes and pass out some to guys on here as well as hold some drawing to win some. Do something cool .lol I'd also like to go into business with my buddy. Maybe buy a franchise or something.

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