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14 Hobby Box Break....Card Show Edition...***SCAN HEAVY**
03-22-2012, 06:53 PM (This post was last modified: 03-22-2012 06:59 PM by cybertrenz02.)
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14 Hobby Box Break....Card Show Edition...***SCAN HEAVY**
well....here are a list of the 14 boxes i broke from a card show a few weeks ago.....

1 box obak
1 box threads
1 box r&s
1 blaster contenders
2 boxes P&P
2 boxes r&s longevity
6 boxes certified

here are the pics and the damage....spent way too much on this crap!!!

[Image: 12_BoxBreak0022.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0023.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0024.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0025.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0037.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0038.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0021.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0014.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0015.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0001.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0012.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0013.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0011.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0010.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0009.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0008.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0002.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0003.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0004.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0005.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0006.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0007.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0016.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0017.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0018.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0019.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0020.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0026.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0027.jpg]
[Image: 12_BoxBreak0028.jpg]

[Image: cyber-1.png]
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