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Anyone else's teams making radical changes?

Anyone else's teams making radical changes?
So I get text updates on my phone all the time and I just can not believe all the moves the Seahawks have made already!

Charlie Whitehurst has resigned with the Chargers... WHY? I mean I'm glad he's gone from the Hawks but why would the Chargers want him back?

THEN, in recent news:

John Carlson to the Vikings
Lofa Tatupu is now with the Falcons
Marcus Trufant is gone
Robert Gallery is gone
We were wooing Steve Hutchinson back, I hate to say it but I'm glad we're not. He signed with the Tennessee Titans
Resigned OL Paul McQuistan
Resigned Marshawn Lynch
Resigned Red Bryant

Just some seriously crazy stuff going on already! Again, I ask, anybody's team also making some rapid changes already??

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Anyone else's teams making radical changes? - by eric j - 03-16-2012, 07:26 PM

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