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2011 Bowman Base 500+

2011 Bowman Base 500+
I have a box of 2011 Bowman base 1 - 190 that i really don't want to keep & was wondering if any set builders need a large amount of cards. Theres probably 500+ cards that i'm not sure what to do with. I am trying to get my collection down to a more manageable size so i'll start with this. If anyone can use a large quantity, feel free to send a pm. Whatever we work out i would have to consider the shipping cost (probably 2 lbs). Would trade well in your favor as i don't want another 500 cards in return. The players i collect are listed in my sig but i am always open to anything that sounds interesting.
They are in my org but the quantity is not at all accurate, obviously many duplicates. If you have any interest just send a pm.
Collecting: Auto's, G/U Jsy/Bat, Refractors, etc.., Harper, Trout, Jeter, Mantle, Rivera, Pujols,Ripken, Griffey Jr, Heyward, Cal Ripken Jr., Posey,
Other Auto's, GU cards will be considered


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2011 Bowman Base 500+ - by krn001 - 03-11-2012, 11:02 PM
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