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Looking for advice...
02-25-2012, 02:07 PM
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RE: Looking for advice...
(02-24-2012 11:38 PM)mrhurtado17 Wrote:  i think everyone has given you some great things to think about. i would just add that its a hobby or something you enjoy and i bet the wife spends about the same amount of $ on her hobbies-makeup, clothes, girlfriend dates, etc where we spend less in those categories usually as dudes!


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02-25-2012, 09:42 PM
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RE: Looking for advice...
(02-23-2012 12:23 PM)marquettewade3 Wrote:  So, I'm married and have a baby due in May. My wife is going to be going part time. We both make good money and I am picking up some extra hours so it's not like we are strapped financially but sometimes I look at what I spend on cards and think, man, I could be saving this for a new house, retirement, etc. That being said, I just would like to say we have 401k, life insurance, blah, blah, blah. I've been thinking about selling my cards from the standpoint that I feel I coudl probably make a few thousand back on them, but then I think...I've put so much time and effort into getting them I would probably regret selling them, and besides, then what would I do with my free time. Has anyone had this conversation with themselves? Basically, I want you guys to convince me to stick around Smile. Bur seriously, any thoughts? Do you guys set spending limits for yourselves? If so, what are they? Sorry this is kind of weird post but who better to ask than all of you?
I end up selling everything i get and putting ATLEAST 40% back into cards. Rest goes back to the family. Im working on a few sets that I will probably end up selling to either reinvest or put into a nice savings account. Ive moved away from wanting nice things (Hobbywise) to stuff I can sell easily and for a profit. All my recent hobby related purchases Ill be able to sell out later on for a profit. Until you have that house and car you want don't settle on cardboard.

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