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What happened to beckett forums?
02-12-2012, 01:56 AM
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RE: What happened to beckett forums?
(02-11-2012 11:41 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote:  Well spoken, you sounded like a college professor.

LOL, a college professor wouldn't have made all of those spelling errors that can be seen in my qoute you posted and that I have since corrected.

We have had numerous thread topics on this, when will we see a change???

Someone in charge doesn't quite want to admit a mistake yet. If they changed the rules and let people trade from buckets alone, traffic would pick up some again I bet.

Doesn't less traffic effect advertising revenue for this site?

NO MORE 1993-94 Finest Refractors / THE SET IS COMPLETED!!!
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02-12-2012, 11:34 AM
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RE: What happened to beckett forums?
(02-11-2012 08:42 PM)jpleazme805 Wrote:  There is so much money tied up in the Beckett community compared to other sites that are free... I would like to see a report on what sellers off Beckett Media has for total inventory of cards up for sell & how much they make.. that would be interesting to compare to other sites. It would help collectors decide what trusted sellers to buy from...

I know you are not talking about the Beckett marketplace but all (ok mabey most all of us) of us Sellers are business Pros, We all have to have a True Business in place with all the credentials so for most of us this is our job. If you go on and check out our store you can view total cards in inventory along with total orders, total cards sold and date we started selling here. With most everybody having over 100,000 different unique cards in our organize and many with over 300,000 there is a great source for set or player collecting. At this time we have about 80 different Dealers and Beckett just started a feedback program that people are starting to use the middle of Jan so you can how some dealers are doing compared to others.

I am a dealer on the site and would be happy to help anyone who is trying to figure it out as it has a learning curve, like anything else Beckett makes.

Also as someone else pointed out the Spike in Jeremy Lin cards and Beckett's pricing I actually just sold a Threads Lin auto to someone in the Philippines for $18 Ouch!! but it just goes to show the deals are here if you search them out.

I know a few of you on the Basketball forums have purchased from me and thanks, I like to read the forums and have picked a few cards up from you guys also, hope you guys stick around it is great to see the passion you guys have for the industry.

CommonGuy Sports
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