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Beckett Registry Update Request #354
02-10-2012, 06:38 PM
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RE: Beckett Registry Update Request #354
(02-10-2012 02:30 PM)zinger82 Wrote:  The first thing I want to say is I love Beckett graded cards, I think they look professional and I appreciate the effort the graders take to do their jobs and following through on promise dates.

However, when I click on the registry link because I'm all excited to register my newly acquired Michael Jordan cards and it takes me to a new screen that says nothing, it is pathetic. For 5-6 months now it's been down, pathetic. When I write an email to askbgs through the company contact information page and after 7 days have not received a response it's pathetic. Can I do some digging on different sections of the website and see it's under construction...yes. Do I have any clue whether Beckett is even planning to bring the registry section back to it's customers? No.

It's a scary thought actually, what does matter to Beckett? What are their priorities in bringing back functionality to the website. What kind of manager is responsible for this customer service? Will this same manager take over the graded card portion of the business at some point? I am absolutely nervous to be honest. What is going on?

I apologize for sounding doom and gloom but I feel as I am a strong supporter of Beckett. I don't understand.

Well said and you shouldn't apologize. Beckett doesn't seem to understand what PSA and SGC know very well, that grading and registries to many are tied very closely together. If someone at Beckett does understand that, then they certainly don't understand customer satisfaction, retention and communication at all.

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