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Beckett, please update the Annual Guide Book
12-22-2011, 02:13 PM
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RE: Beckett, please update the Annual Guide Book
(12-22-2011 12:39 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote:  [quote='ginge01' pid='1815518' dateline='1324494069']

There was not contact from the seller regarding the wrong auto.

See this is why I HATE this hobby sometimes. Here is why:

Now to find out he never contacted you to let you know bothers me like crazy. Not only did he lie to me but he took advantage of you though at the time I didnt know it was you. Now of course I could contact him and he will say he forgot to contact you but I wouldnt buy it regardless. All he cared about was his $30 and thought if he contacted the buyer and told them the truth they would no longer want the card. Little did he know that you would've kept the card regardless. I just hate people like that. Im sure you probably gave him positive feedback already but I hope you didnt that way you can give him a negative feedback for being a liar and a cheat. Sorry just had to vent!!!

On a separate note is it safe to assume all 44 copies have Chris Perry's auto?

Also Ted Ginn can't catch a cold lol. He is a great returner but definitely wasn't worth a 1st round pick by the Phins, 9th overall to be exact. lol.

I should be honest Bakerman, he may have contacted, it might have gone to junk which I empty, he did not contact thru ebay, I know that. I understand your venting, yes, I would have kept the card regardless of being told.

It's sad when sellers don't correct the situation, I constantly find sellers with Eagles cards (I guess they see a green shirt, especially 1960's vintage but some current players) and list the card as a Jet. Most sellers reply thank you and correct the auction, but not all do reply or correct, as you say, they're just trying to move the card. Not everyone is honest on ebay as we know.

On Checkoutmycards (COMC), if you search for Chad Pennington, easy if you add Fleer, you will find a 2nd of the 44, with a Chris Perry auto. The COMC card is $85, that's why I fought for the ebay card, it still books at $150, the price has not changed in years, I guess it's off Beckett's radar, I think the $25-30 is more reasonable, maybe $50 tops.

I just did a search for the cards and here is a surprise, check out this link


At least one of the 44 had Pennington's auto (04/44), I guess Quality control was not working that day at Fleer!! Maybe they started at with Penningtons and ran out, hoping nobody would notice. The COMC is (34/44), mine is (41/44). I never knew I could have so much fun discussing one card.

Ted Ginn, frustrating for Dolphin fans, he never panned out, hated by Jets fans due to his 2009 game in New York when he returned two punts for TD's, the Dolphins had little offense, but those TD's and a Jason Taylor fumble return, the dolphins won. Aaaaaarrrgggghh

Thanks for replying back to me, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Happy Holidays also, I think that covers all the bases at this time of year.
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