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Beckett, please update the Annual Guide Book
12-21-2011, 02:01 PM
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RE: Beckett, please update the Annual Guide Book
(12-21-2011 01:18 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote:  LOL. This reply wasnt too long bud it was too short. I asked if the seller contacted you about the Auto not being Pennington's. I think you over looked it. haha.

I like your knowledge about the Jets. I try to remember as much stuff I can about the phins but its hard. I do wish Pennington was still playing on the Phins as he is one of my favorite players of time. I liked him even as a jet lol.

Short reply, I did not look closely at your thread LOL

There was not contact from the seller regarding the wrong auto.

I think most people selling cards (unless they are a big fan of a player or team) do not notice if the wrong auto has been inserted into a card, if it's upside down (2010 Score Mark Sanchez base and inserts) or there are variants (2006 SP Authentic Brad Smith two clearly different on card signing styles, don't know if Smith got tired of sigining in one style or used someone else to help him sign 100+ cards. Other 2006 Upper Deck products have his variants on also, see Ultimate).
I bought a 2007 Press Pass Legends David Clowney (he was drafted 2007 by Packers but became a Jet for most of 2007) inscription signed 'D. C.'
It is 1 of 10, the seller auctioned it for a BIN of $5, I don't think the seller knew it was an inscription, if he did, he did not mention it, probably because other players sign initials only, so made that assumption there was another one of those, a 30 seconds look on ebay would have shown several Press Pass Clowneys all signed David CLowney #87. I bought that puppy within 10 seconds of finding it!!

I always felt Chad Pennington was a fair honest player, a leader, someone who was loved by his fan base, respected by opponents. It was sad to see him injure his shoulder, then get released, then the ultimate revenge, stick it in the Jets face by winning the final game of the 2008 season to keep the Jets out of the playoffs and get the Dolphins the AFC East title of the hated Patriots.

I cheered for him as a Dolphin to play well, throw some TD passes but for the Dolphins to come up short in every game. He had one Monday Night game I think when he drove down the field in the last 2 mins and from about 30 yds hit Ted Ginn between his hands in the end zone and Ginn dropped it to prevent a winning TD. You and I were throwing as hard as Chad in 2009, I felt happy for the Dolphins loss (yes a true Jets fan) but strangely sad that Chad did everything he could, the way a leader does to win the game, he could not be responsible for catching the pass he threw. There was no delight in seeing his frustration at throwing he perfect pass being dropped as he's more of my all time faves also.

I'm glad he's into broadcasting, I wanted the Jets to entice him back to New York to mentor Mark Sanchez but I can understand if he still feels burned by the Jets. I think he'll make a great offensive coordinator as he seemed very cerebral in his play with the Jets, just was never blessed with a rocket arm. I think he's the son of a coach, he seems to have great insight in the game, I will always wish him well until he is part of a team trying to beat my Jets.

Oops, my short reply grew long again.
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