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OT: Tebow All he does is win!
12-16-2011, 03:43 PM
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RE: OT: Tebow All he does is win!
Obviously, its a team effort. However, the defense does benefit from Tebow as a QB for 3 reasons.

One is Tebow doesnt turn the ball over. Therefore, the defense doesnt have to defend a short feild. Its hard enough on defense, let alone defending a short feild. Orton would throw the stupidest picks at the worst time. Tebow may go three and out alot, but a punt is much better than turning the ball over.

Two, Tebows contributions to the running game and confusing the defense has allowed the Broncos offense to be 27th in running to 1st in the NFL. (may be a week old stat, but still holds merit). What does running the ball do? Eat up clock, keep the Broncos defense on the sideline and rested up and strong in the 4th quarter

Three, what Tebow has done for the whole team. Brought a strong will attitude and hope. I imagine the Broncos defense plays alot more inspired when you can be apart of something special. Know you can win any game as long as the defense keeps them in it. The "team" buys in to what Tebow is selling. Especially the defense. Listen to guys like Von Miller, Champ, Dumervile, Dawkins. They praise the kid up and down.

Also, if you wanna bash Tebows stats, look at Peyton Mannings numbers in his 12th start in the NFL. Manning turned the ball over quit a bit and wasnt throwing for many more yards than Tebow. People forget Tebow is a young QB and has alot to learn. There are three things rookie/young QBs do bad in the NFL. One is turn the ball over alot. Tebow doesnt. They also panic in clutch moment, Tebow is at his best. And three, they lose alot of ball games. Tebow is 8-3 as a starter and 7-1 this year. You can see Tebow improve week after week. To think he wont get better is just not true. He isnt Jamarcus Russell, he wont eat his way out of the league. His work ethic is at the top of the league and his will is even greater. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Tebow.

One more point, the lockout hurt Tebow this year too. Not much practice before the season starts and on top of that, they are making due with what they have. This team wasnt built for this kind of offense, but many players stepped up. Imagine of the Broncos have a year or two to mold the offense to Tebow with the right parts, not just what they have with Ortons offense.

There....Ill step off my soap box.

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