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WOW never thought i would say this
10-30-2011, 11:40 PM
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RE: WOW never thought i would say this
(10-30-2011 11:35 PM)titan fan Wrote:  i was buying him up because im titan fan and the titan havent had a player like him in a long time but i got lots of money into my pc 2 exqusite spa gold ect

yea I get what you are saying.
Even if you really like him....you dont want to loose a ton of money on his stuff.
I think if you sell it now you will def take a loss...but not as big a loss as you could take by waiting longer.

but like we said earlier....he may come out the 2nd half of the season and tear it up, although the smaller backs are usually better the first half of the season.

He hasnt had a huge work load...So he should still be pretty fresh.
I know the o-line isnt dominating....but its not all on them.
He has always been the type of back that has several negative plays,but this year the negative plays are much more plentiful and the homeruns are no where to be found.

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