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looking to buy football/baseball/basketball cards, bv's 3-6 each

RE: looking to buy football/baseball/basketball cards, bv's 3-6 each
(09-28-2011, 08:34 AM)yankees_pride Wrote: DUDE really 95%. No wonder why so many people dont like this hobby anymore!!!! Stuff like this is a joke and should not be tolerated by real collectors.

im taking stuff that cant sell on places like ebay because no one wants to pay shipping for a card worth 5 dollars...it isnt cost effective. they sell much better locally, because folks dont have to pay shipping (and it helps to have a steady flow of customers, which i happen to have). which is why im only interested in lots of these cards, not individually

this is the same deal i have with massive wholesalers. right now, of the 5 guys i usually deal with, 1 has gotten progressively worse on quality of cards, 2 are on vacation, 1 is out of inventory. so, im looking for new streams of inventory

this also gives folks a way of getting rid of stuff they dont want/need and still getting some money for it.

sorry if this offends you. then again, you dont have to sell to me

(09-28-2011, 09:23 AM)ELevin99 Wrote: Yeah like $190 for a box of triple threads filled with stenciled Relics.

Jacoby I may work something out with you as a I have an abundance of inventory I need to cut down. Please pm me more details on what you are looking for or does it matter?

anything basketball football basketball, 3-6 dollars each. if you have rookies of guys like glavine or jason kidd (players of that ilk) that are worth less than 3 dollars, id be interested in those as well. rather not have a bunch of no name rookies and such, but i dont mind a little chaff with my wheat

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