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#'d Cards and Jersey Number
09-26-2011, 04:41 PM
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#'d Cards and Jersey Number
Ok here's an interesting question I have for you folks. We all know the 'eBay 1/1' as regards to a serial numbered card that is numbered to the jersey number of the player in question. Example: Brett Favre card that is #'d 4/100. This seems to bring some amount of a premium in selling price over the rest of the print run due to it being the actual jersey number.

In the case of a guy I am collecting, Jamie Harper, RB for the Titans. His cards all have him pictured in jersey number eight (8). But guess what... That was Matt Hasselbeck's number and now Harper is wearing #23. So would the real premium card be the # of the jersey his is pictured in on the card itself? Or would the 'real' jersey number be more highly prized, as a general rule in these scenarios, than the one pictured on-card. I am assuming many of the 'later issue' cards will show him in an actual 'game photo' wearing the actual jersey of 23.

Another example is Chris Johnson, also of the Titans. Was pictured in 29 on cards from his rookie year, but is wearing 28 now.

Thanks for the input.

SuperCollecting: Jamie Harper of the TN Titans & Lee Smith Buffalo Bills Patriots 5th rd TE from Marshall. Also TN Titans, Recent Former TN Vols, Ladanian Tomlinson for my 8 yr old son and various others. Sets for 2011 R&S, 2011 Threads, 2011 Inception Base & Blue, 2011 Platinum & Gold, 2011 Finest
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09-26-2011, 05:05 PM
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RE: #'d Cards and Jersey Number
You could play it both ways, but I would prefer whatever jersey # is showing on the card.
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