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Poll: What do you think about Panini's products to date?
I like only their high end products.
I like only their low end products.
I like a few of their products.
I like one of their products.
I like all of their products.
I don't like any of their products.
Shows promise, but I miss UD/Topps more.
Shows promise, they'll give UD/Topps good competition in the future should they all be licensed.
I'm indifferent.
I have not bought any of their products.
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Panini in Review
09-21-2011, 01:22 PM
Post: #11
RE: Panini in Review
I voted "Shows promise, but I miss UD/Topps more".

- Fire your entire creative/card design staff.
- Remember when you were fresh off signing your new licensing contract? You said you were going to cut down on those dreadful redemption cards. Well, I think you've done the exact opposite.
- Quit making so many useless insert cards.
- PLEASE stop making those manufactured team logo, nba logo, college logo, country logo, WHATEVER logo have you, autograph patch cards. You put this crap in nearly EVERY product. Did UD ever put letterman cards in Exquisite?
- You really need to rethink the layout for your card design. You make every design on the card big and clear to your likings. But you leave the most little room as possible for the freakin player's signature. Sometimes and more often now, with your recent new products, the signature is covered by the card. WHAT IS THAT? We buy autograph cards for the.....autograph!
- I hate your version of a "refractor" card. Random vertical lines on a card is not a refractor. But I guess this may not entirely be your fault as you are not allowed to use UD/Topps technology to make a refractor card. Am I right?
- Too many sticker autos. Your "big time" product, National Treasures should have ALL on-card autographs. Why can't you do that? Not that I care really because I will NEVER, EVER buy a box of NT. If UD could do it with Exquisite, why can't you?
- I hate your logo and your logo colors.
- I hope your company goes bankrupt.

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09-21-2011, 01:51 PM
Post: #12
RE: Panini in Review
I voted for:
"Shows promise, they'll give UD/Topps good competition in the future should they all be licensed."

There are a few of their products that I have liked and some that I just think are blah. I like their products more this year than last years products for sure. Here are my key notes on Panini:

- It's been kind of refreshing to get different design that what I was used to with Topps and Upper Deck. And your designs are getting a little better, but I'll elaborate on this a little later.
- I really liked the old feel of Donruss.
- I'm glad to see some older players that didn't get much recognition finally get some (namely Joe Dumars).
- While there were stickers in 2009-10 Panini, I'm glad that we haven't found any stickers in the other products (other than the main sticker set).
- I'm glad more cards are offered in your expensive packs than say in Exquisite ($500/5 cards) or UD Black ($200/2 cards).

- I'm not sure how the agreement works for the license, but why so many products and why are more of them quite expensive? You said you wanted to gear it towards the kids, and kids don't have that kind of money. And parents that aren't into collecting aren't likely to buy their kids cards. Bring the prices down on some of them, please.
- Parallels, please control them. It's better than some of the Finest products of the past where they had refractors, x-fractors, superfractors and then a few different colors of each and then autograph versions, but still not there. Using Totally Certified as an example (while I love the product), you have base, base materials, I think a base autograph, then green versions, red, gold, blue, and black. I believe that's at least 18 different versions of one card. Way too many.
- I've seen some cards where a base/RC of a card is numbered to X, and the GU version of the RC is numbered higher. I can't think of any off the top of my head though, but this shouldn't be. GU should be more rare because card stock is just card stock.
- While I know not everyone can be on card autographs, I agree that the higher end products should be on card. Not cut, not sticker, on card. I'd rather have Joe Dumars fingerprint on my card that he signed than to have part of his AU not showing.
- I'm glad I've never had a redemption, but as I said about UD and Topps, you have got to stop using redemptions. If you want to use a redemption for a card, make sure it's for one that doesn't require anything from the player/coach. For instance, I'd rather have a redemption for a card with a piece of platinum in it than for a player to decide if he's going to sign his name. Also, dut down the response time (even though I heard it's been better lately).
- If the stitching of a patch is only one line of stitching and it's right up next to the edge of the window that's going to show it off, go get a different patch. We like patches to see the change in color and stitching, just one thing of stitching.
- You don't have to stop, but please cut down on manufactured patches. If you wish to make cards like that, make them and sell them individually through your website or something. We don't want to open our packs to manufactured cards.
- Your hockey cards have tape, sticks, jerseys, gloves, I think helmet pieces too, do the same for Basketball products. Floor (I don't think I've seen a Panini product with a piece of floor yet, just don't burn them like Upper Deck did), chair, headband, wristband, shoes, etc. Shoot, even get the plastic cup they drank gatorade from. Smile

I do believe Panini has promise and if they did a few more things, they could compete with Upper Deck and Topps. But right now, as Panini is, it would crumble to the other two.

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09-27-2011, 01:50 AM
Post: #13
RE: Panini in Review
Shoot, even get the plastic cup they drank gatorade from.

+1 Seriously!

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10-29-2011, 10:07 AM
Post: #14
RE: Panini in Review
What I like: slight difference/change of pace from the old guard, I love Jordan and LeBron (sort of) but UD/Topps placed more emphasis on them that caused many to overlook many contemporaries from a collectors point of view. Why not more barkley or wade? Panini has really provided a broader spectrum of attention to players. I also like the cards of retired players.

What I don't like: Long response time to redemption cards, redemption cards, the red green azul fuschia gold black dark gray light gray white off white paralells. I'ma stay on this for a second. They suck. Secondly there are too many and they suck. It wasn't all that exciting when UD did it with Starquest but what they did do right they didn't print an entire paralell set. There is a reason for that thinking back to the old collectors choice silver and gold. Learn from UD's mistake. Sticker auto's. No card company should have these things. I understand it reduces the potential damage to the actual card but I think there would be more excitement and value to the AU's since it is a little tougher to get cards signed en masse instead of signing a sheet. Then there's the prestigious pros foil looking cards. They suck too. they come out of the box severly curved, thin, look cheap. I can come in and draw on some tin foil and you can wrap them around an index card and they'll have more value. Ok ok maybe they won't but I made the point. I also had a Threads jersey card I had to send back for damage in the box. I can deal with it on a base card but come on if you want a card to sell more product deliver a mint card. I've got more, and I have said it before I want UD back
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11-03-2011, 11:49 AM
Post: #15
RE: Panini in Review
Personally, I've decided never to purchase their products again. This is due to the very poor customer service they have. I've had a redemption out for 11 months now, I've constantly messaged them, but they've responded only twice. If a redemption is not fulfilled within 4 months, they offer a replacement, but it's a "random" pull...so you're never guaranteed something of comparable value.

Their products and designs are all the same. I do enjoy Playoff Contenders, but the rest of their items are boring.
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11-04-2011, 11:36 PM (This post was last modified: 11-04-2011 11:38 PM by Euro7star.)
Post: #16
RE: Panini in Review
I like them, ive been used to them since i was a kid. They been around for a long time in my home country with soccer cards. They went a long way since then though, and they can help attract the hobby to kids with their basketball card games and the stickers and all that.

I like National Treasures, it has a classic look to it and even the base cards have value. A lot of collectors forgot how to enjoy base cards, they can be impressive too. I have a handful of MJ cards of him wearing #12 jersey (which happened ONCE in his career) and they were base cards. He hasnt appeared in #12 cards since that specific release year. I forgot what year it was, 99% of my MJ cards are all locked up in storage in my home in Europe.

I also have base cards of Drazen Petrovic and they are all impressive, but the LAST time Upper Deck brought out any card of his was in 2002 and that is sad because he is a hall of famer, however Panini is a European brand and i think theyll bring some stuff with him out.
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11-12-2011, 06:35 AM
Post: #17
RE: Panini in Review
I have no problems with their products, however their Redemtions are almost enough to not even bother.
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01-18-2012, 02:37 PM
Post: #18
RE: Panini in Review
(11-12-2011 06:35 AM)SirVolan Wrote:  I have no problems with their products, however their Redemtions are almost enough to not even bother.

Redemptions is a turnoff for me in every product or cardboard manufacturer!! I hate them!!

Two products that I think Panini did good regarding their base set is check lists on Elite Black Box (200 card set) & Gold Standard (299 card set). Lot of players to collect.

Disklike so many variations of autos and game used. I strongly believe that inserts (autos & gu) are better than parallels... i.e. Black Box has a regular "status signature" & then an "elite signature"... different pictures, but card looks too similar to the regular auto. Nothing stands out on the card, except one has a big ELITE icon & the other doesn't. I do like the multi-auto cards. Those all look awesome, except I hate sticker autos.. especially when I paid $200 a box when they first came out.. now you can get them for $150-175 a box.

I liked Gold Standard, bought two boxes. Don't understand why they have a 212 base card set for? seems odd. Why did they not just round it off to 200, 220, or something similar. thought about chasing Gold Standard base set, but with a print run of /299 & packs being over a $150... don't to mention a huge base check list.. it's not worth it to put together.. not until some rich collector or internet card seller bust a ton of wax & throws up "lots" online for a cheap prices.. that's how I was able to chase Chronology sets so fast.. completed one set, still working on the other.. it is just too expensive.

Looking forward to HOOPS. Something that I can afford more of & have fun busting wax like when I was a kid, back in the days when I couldn't wait to go home drop off my school bag & run to the card shop to hang out & spend my lunch money on some Skybox, Ultra, or hoops packs.. Those were the days.

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02-04-2012, 08:11 PM
Post: #19
RE: Panini in Review
I agree with a lot of what has been said already. My main concern with these new products is the price. Paying $100's of dollars for boxes with as many cards as a pack used to have is outrageous. Especially when many of the decent to good hits sell for $10-$40 less than half of what a box cost. What do they think we are all made of money? I feel that they need more mid-range products with better designs and hits. They need to come out with new ideas for memorabilia cards and try to come up with new ideas for autos (inscriptions etc.) but hey I don't want to do their job for them, haha. It also doesn't help that there is little to no competition. Hopefully this will change in the future and the different brands will push each other to make a better product for all of us collecting.
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