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The Sniper Programs?
09-20-2011, 09:11 PM
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RE: The Sniper Programs?
^ I'll have to look into that further last i knew it was a bonus feature if you use their mirror service/paid service. at least according to their FAQ

you can group on the basic, but there is another term for what I'm talking about that is through mirror.

Quote:In addition there are two more types of groups available only to mirror subscribers: contingency groups and multi-win groups. Contingency groups are opposite of normal groups: the first lost item cancels all the others in the same group. Multi-win groups are like regular groups, but allow you to specify more than one item to win: e.g. you can win 2, 3 or more items before the remaining items in the same groups are canceled.

the contingency groups is what I was referring to. helps when dealing with a lot of cards from the same seller who have good combined shipping rates

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