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New Additions to my Nolan Ryan PC (Scan Heavy)

RE: New Additions to my Nolan Ryan PC (Scan Heavy)
(09-17-2011, 09:31 AM)nolan5000 Wrote: Yeah, it's nice. I wonder why I can't see all of the Ryan rookie that you think is a Milton Bradley version? Can you provide a scan of the back? From the looks of the front, it doesn't appear to be a MB Version. The MB Version has a strip of white along either the left or right border.

I didn't even notice it was a MB version until I looked at the back and noticed it was a different color. At first I was worried, but when I looked on beckett it said the following, "These cards were included in a 1968 Milton Bradley Win-A-Card game. These cards, which are variations of some singles from the first two series, feature an "yellow" back rather than an orange back. These cards, along with some 1967 Topps Football cards and Topps Hot Rod cards were all part of the game. The key card in this set is a Nolan Ryan 'Rookie'". I will add scans of the back sometime today.

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