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All-time greats mini-PC, a work in progress!
01-13-2012, 08:30 AM
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RE: All-time greats mini-PC, a work in progress!
(01-13-2012 12:56 AM)dan_dou_lea Wrote:  My generation was late 80s and up but im a fan of the entire history of the NHL! There are so many great that changed the game Cheevers to Dryden, the Rocket to Bossy and sooo many others. My list is so similar to yours that about 12 players that are on your list are also on mine. I could watch any game from any generation a be very happy! Do you think it will be extremely difficult to get some of the older players cards? Im thinking that id rather collect recent patchs or autos than RCs. Good luck on your list!

I'm the same way, love watching hockey no matter what era the games were played. I've got about a half dozen videos of game highlights, fights, games, etc., that range from all eras, and I love watching them.

Some players are harder to find than others, but it's more about timing than anything else. I was able to trade a $50 Malkin auto for my Howe Whalers auto/jersey, but getting the Gretzky cost me an Orr auto. Some trades come easy, some are like pulling teeth.

Originally, I considered RC's, but they're just not as personal to me. If I own a jersey or patch card, it's something the player wore, and autographs come straight from the hand of the player, even if it's a sticker, they had to sign that sticker or card. RC's are just too varied. You go back to the Howe era, best of luck landing his one and only RC, and if you do, it's just another card. It's value is clear, I get that, there's demand, it's a great idea, but it's not in any way different from any other piece of cardboard, there's no personality to it, so I decided to go with at least one memorabilia card and one autograph, if possible.

Patches are great, but sometimes they're harder to find, but honestly, I'm happy with just a jersey, if I can find it. Like Ron Francis, I'd like to land a Whalers card of him, because of his history with the organization, even now, but there aren't many cards that have Whalers gear. If I found a shot of him in a Whalers uniform with a bright red and black patch, it wouldn't be right, I'd want plain white swatches over that, just so that the card looks right. Weird, but true, haha.

In any case, have fun with the PC, it's been great fun for me thus far, and is a great distraction when I'm short on luck finding stuff of my PC guys.

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