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Trade Page requests
08-07-2011, 10:11 AM
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Trade Page requests

I wanted to take the time to provide some feedback to the new trading system while understanding that the changes aren't complete (ie Matchmaker etc) I think I am not alone with some requests to make the process of trading much more efficient.

Today I posted about 20 trade requests and it took me several hours. Most of the time was spent re-selecting sort functions. With that said here is my list of requests for improvements to that part of the site.


1) There should be a user saved settings feature that remembers your settings. For example, always show 100 items in the "add items" list and update the costs values correctly when modifications to the trades are made.
2) Allow users to sort by value of cards (this makes it easier if someone wants a $50 card from me and they don't have anything actually in my want list, instead of me shooting in the dark to find a match, I would like at cards valued between $40 and $60 and see if that works.
3) This has been asked before but why can't the Add Items window open with the Wants presorted to the top of the list?
4) When looking to trade with someone using the current system my most frustrating part is clicking in on the "haves" tab, then selecting a member only to find out they haven't logged in since March 2011. Obviously it would be foolish for me to request a trade with them at this time since they aren't checking in. If there were options added to my #1 request such as filter users by last login (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 6 month, ....)and also, if they have feed back.

I don't know how much effort is required to make any of those changes but I know personally the site would be more enjoyable if I could filter out some garbage right away (select user who have logged in within 1 week, have 4+ feedback, and then when I go to their items my wants are sorted at the top).


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