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Quick Live A&G Blaster
07-31-2011, 10:19 PM (This post was last modified: 07-31-2011 10:37 PM by slufan83.)
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Quick Live A&G Blaster
Thought I'd run out to Wal-Mart and check to see if they put Bowman Platinum out yet, and of course they didn't. There has been 2 A&G blasters sitting there for a couple weeks now so I figured I'd pop on one for fun.

I'll start ripping in a sec.
Pack 1:
6 M. Ward, 197 J. Bruce, 225 J. LaLanne, 346 B. Gardner.
Hometown Heroes FF55 J. Upton
Mini 244 C. Figgins
Pack 2:
37 F. Carmona, 208 M. Scutaro, 247 Y. Molina
Hometown Heroes HH42 D. Wright
Mini A&G Back 80 J. Votto
Sketches BHS5 Pujols
Pack 3:
41 C. Santana, 124 C. Billingsley, 166 G. Soto, 309 K. Suzuki
Mini Portaits of Penultamcy PP2 M. Gellner (srsly, I already have 2 of these from my last blaster + rack pack!!!)
Floating Fortresses FF6 HMS Indefatigable
Pack 4:
112 T. Shieff, 151 B. Beachy, 153 S. Cousins, 286 C. Luebke
Hometown Heroes HH67 J. Jay
Mini 41 C. Santana
Pack 5:
128 M. Cuddyer, 213 X. Nady, 325 M. Stanton
Hometown Heroes HH32 R. Halladay
Mini A&G Back 66 S. Castro
Ascent of Man AOM8 Ostracoderms

Pack 6:
69 N. Feliz, 217 S. Marcum, 251 I. Desmond, 295 C. Carpenter.
Hometown Heroes HH45 Ike Davis
Mini 325 M. Stanton
Pack 7:
136 D. Vitale, 148 S. Richards, 190 S. Bird, 345 Z. Greinke.
Mini Animals AP9 Bonobo
Minds that Made the Future MMF25 Galileo Galilei

Pack 8:
80 J. Votto, 152 J. Zimmerman.
Code Card 322 T. Cahill
Hometown Heroes HH18 Z. Greinke
Sketches BHS13 Giants
Step Right Up SRU1 Bed of Nails
Not really very good.....no hits as usual for me.
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