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Baseball for trade, some nice items,,,SCANS
Baseball for trade, some nice items,,,SCANS
I don't believe any are listed yet...Mel
[Image: scan0038.jpg]
The Piazza Stadium Club is a First Day
[Image: scan0039.jpg]
[Image: scan0040.jpg]
[Image: scan0041.jpg]
[Image: scan0042.jpg]
The Pujols Cracker Jack is a Sticker
[Image: scan0043.jpg]
[Image: scan0044.jpg]
The Jeter Capture the Action is a Still Pic #rd 98/100
The Cargo Auto is an IP on a fold out Rockies schedule supplied by Coke. The back is pictured below
[Image: scan0045.jpg]
I have been gone a long time, my ideas on collecting have changed as I have aged. Will only be here Off and On because things are different. Not going to do much Trading but will offer some items For Sale. As Always, Have FUN !...Mel

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Baseball for trade, some nice items,,,SCANS - by radarblip - 07-28-2011, 10:54 AM

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