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Allen Ginter JFK 1/1 Relic hits E-bay.... Sold by none other than...
07-26-2011, 10:13 AM
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RE: Allen Ginter JFK 1/1 Relic hits E-bay.... Sold by none other than...
Ok, how to put this? If the pack is opened and then resealed, which at times cannot be proven without chemical testing, that is illegal. However, if no cards are damaged in the process, the pack was never opened, and the person paid for the pack from the institution that was selling them, then there was no illegal act taken. Morally wrong, I believe so. But, not illegal. If it is your own scale and own equipment that you take into the store, the store does not care. If the people seeing you have no care of sports card collecting or are employees that do not care who collects cards, they aren't going to stop you. Employees and stores want you to buy the product whether you get a decoy or you get a patch /10. Upper Deck wouldn't even care if you went to the LCS and started weighing boxes of cards looking for hot boxes, just so long as they get their money. The only people that care about pack searchers (I am not fond of pack searchers) are collectors who see the moral injustice in it. They put the cards next to the pokemon, Justin Beiber, Toy Story, Cars and other cards for a reason, it's aimed at kids. You don't see them in the hobby section (well I haven't) of Wal-Mart because you won't see most kids in the hobby section of wal-mart. At my closest Wal-Mart, the cards have gone from in the front right next to the kids books, to the Toys section right next to the Spiderman toys, to the Sports Goods area right in front of the Sports Goods desk, to the Toys section on the end cap. Three out of four of those places are kids areas. BUT, if Wal-Mart (or any other retail store selling cards) sees you weighing the packs or feeling them up, they're just going to have security watch you and make sure you pay for them. Otherwise, they don't care.

Congratulations to the OP on the pull!!!

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RE: Allen Ginter JFK 1/1 Relic hits E-bay.... Sold by none other than... - xstreaminsanity - 07-26-2011 10:13 AM

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