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contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
(07-11-2011, 09:41 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: I was so moved by the fans kind gesture during his gathering of derek jeters 3000th hit that i want to do a contest for it. The contest being "what would you have done if you were in his shoes", me personally would have did the same thing. I heard the ball was estimated at $250,000, so his act of of kindness was very moving. I'm looking for what you would have done and why if you were the one who got his 3,000th ball. All honesty is appreciated. Here is the prize:

I'm really not sure what i'd do, what the guy did was certainly a class act in giving Jeter the ball. The estimated value of the seats & memoriabilia he got in return was valued at $72,000.00.... and he is going to have to pay "gift taxes" of about $14,000.00. Nice reward.
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