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Concerned about a "good" member
07-09-2011, 05:16 PM
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RE: Concerned about a "good" member
(07-09-2011 04:04 PM)jpcisco Wrote:  Didnt something like this happen before with him? For some reason I feel like this isnt the first time I saw a thread like this about him. I vaguely remember something a few months back regarding him, but I think he finally ended up making things right if I remember correctly? If anyone knows for sure please correct me if I am wrong!

You are not wrong, this did happen a couple months ago. And when he came back, he claimed to be in this accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. I was one who was on the wrong end of trade, he claimed my card got lost in the mail. He ended up buying me another on Ebay and it was shipped to me shortly after. But, I am having doubts he was injured like he said. The main reason, 2 of my best friends about 10 years ago went on a fishing trip here in Austin and they were under a bridge where a public boat ramp was fishing and they were approached by 3 teenagers who unloaded on them. One was shot 13 times, the other 7 times. Both were paralyzed from the waist down and wheelchair bound for life. Both were so traumatized after, they wouldnt even come out of their home for over a year. A long story short, they had to have these special controls put on their cars on the steering column to drive, the gas pedal and brake, both mounted on the steering column like a motorcycle. I know what these look like first hand, and about a month after this so called accident of magnum, he posted some pics of NEW cards he just picked up he was trading/PC I dont remember which, BUT he was sitting in his damn car and you could see the steering wheel and his right leg clear as day. I noticed the controls NOT there right away and I knew he was full of it.
If he is truly hurt I apologize from the bottom of my heart, but if he isnt, this where it gets really twisted. Alot of people here poured out the symphathy, sending him free cards, I believe someone sent him a Joe Montana 1/1 and within a week or two, he had it for trade. That is an insult to ever gave him that card, I would NEVER trade away something someone had given me for my PC. And for him to take advantage and try to get people to feel sorry for him is disgraceful. And for a man that supposedly just lost the use of his legs, he sure was in a fine mood afterwards as well, going shopping, buying cards, living it up. It is all there in his old posts, just take a look. A couple other guys here noticed it as well. I can tell you this, if he had truly been paralyzed, there would be all kinds of rehab, mental anguish and alot of other things to come to terms with than just busting a few more boxes and picking up some more PC items.

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07-09-2011, 05:20 PM (This post was last modified: 07-09-2011 05:27 PM by floydtown.)
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RE: Concerned about a "good" member
Until someone can show some proof he wasnt paralyzed, this isnt right. If u have proof please send it to me but Im locking this up. As soon as he logs in I will let everyone know whats going on. I will start the whos owed list in my looking for thread. If you havent told me he owes you I cannot help. Lmk if I missed you on that list

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