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Here's my point
06-22-2011, 07:21 PM
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RE: Here's my point
(06-22-2011 05:30 PM)mik253 Wrote:  What the heck, I just read through almost 7 pages and not 1 person has said ANYTHING about me, yet there is a few saying this deuce guy is all that ! Gotta say if I had feelings this would hurt !!!

lol ..... try not to take offense ..... you know your tops in our books Smile

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06-22-2011, 09:45 PM
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RE: Here's my point
(06-21-2011 08:01 PM)taffster74 Wrote:  Though there are still some high-enders who are snobs on all the boards (not saying all are, I know a couple on the basketball boards who are great guys), there are not as many as there where before the beta site came on. Trust me, there were high-end snobs who woudl put you down for posting a fleer retai lbox box break. Me being me, I quickly - and politely - put them in their place when they started attacking a newer member who posted his 2006 hoops retail break ( I think it was hoops at least). After the set went to the beta form, those guys left and haven't been back. But unfortunately, there are still those around who are snobs. Then again, there are some low-enders who are also snobs.

Who you callin' a low-end snob????? Smile

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I collect Steve Young, Manny Lawson, Roger Craig and most things Niners.
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06-23-2011, 08:42 PM
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RE: Here's my point
Not pointing any fingers at anyone - though I doubt the particular trader I'm talking about visits the football boards - but there are those who simply refuse to trade outside of the USA, regardless of whether you are the only person who has a certain card on the boards. then there are those who listen to gossip spread by a few ratbags and ignore the positives from the decent majority. Then there are those who just plain snobs and won't trade because you haven't got stuff they want - they refuse to even trade for future trade bait. Trust me, though I'm mainly a basketball trader, I've come across all of these kinds and had my say.

Side note, Legendaryjerryrice collector - I'm not singling you out. You at least entertained the idea and weren't sure of the cost of shipping internationally. But at least you were honest and explained yourself - that I respect.

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if you have less than 25 trades, I will ask you to send first.
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