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Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!

RE: Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!
(06-17-2011, 12:43 PM)griffan15 Wrote: If you measure the steroid users vs the steroid users, then yes, Bonds, Clemens and A-Rod will be in based on numbers.

Bonds, Clemens, Arod without the steroids would probably still be in consideration with numbers close to Frank Thomas/Tom Glavine.

McGwire/Sosa/Palmeiro without the steroids and we're talking Carlos Delgado territory.

Sheffield without steroids and you're in Dale Murphy territory and so on.

I understand what you're saying but what they would do without steroids is obviously speculation. All we can go off of is how they performed. The numbers are obviously there for Bonds and so forth.

IMO if you get caught with steroids you shouldn't be in the HOF but if they do allow 1 player in who used steroids, they have to be able to give everyone else the same opportunity based on numbers ONLY.

It will be a sad day if the HOF lets a steroid user in and essentially baseball would be saying its OK to use steroids. What a mess baseball got itself into!!
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