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Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!

RE: Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!
I'll just stick with guys who are retired

HOFers within 5 years of Eligibility:
Craig Biggio - position based plus 3000 hits = HOF
Tom Glavine - 300 wins
Ken Griffey Jr - No brainer
Randy Johnson - 2nd All-Time in Ks and over 300 wins
Greg Maddux - 350+ wins alone is enough
Pedro Martinez - Sub 3 ERA and very, very dominant in his prime...only 100 losses and over 3,000Ks
Mike Piazza - mostly position based due to the power from the catcher's position
John Smoltz - see Dennis Eckersley
Frank Thomas - more impressive than his HRs was his OBP, that alone gets him in

HOFers that will eventually get in, but not within 5 years of eligibility:
Jeff Bagwell - All around great hitter, Frank Thomas is he would have played longer
Barry Bonds - steroids yes, but he just had way too many numbers to overlook, only 500/500 man in the game means a whole lot...they will make him sweat it out, but will make it
Roger Clemens - same story as Bonds basically, just too many impressive numbers
Barry Larkin - solid all around player and playing entire career with 1 team does mean a lot to HOF voters
Mike Mussina - 270 wins is enough

Sorry, won't make it:
500HRs, not going to make it
Jeff Kent - 2B with power, but that was it, not 1 GG
Jack Morris - had a long career, but not that dominant
Mark McGwire (Steroids)
Rafael Palmeiro (Steroids)
Curt Schilling - had a long career but only managed 217 wins with 3.46 ERA, D. Wells had more wins
Gary Sheffield (Steroids)
Sammy Sosa (Steroids)
Bernie Williams - sorry, but an OF that didn't hit 300 HRs or have a .300BA won't make it

Completing the following:

2010 Topps Chrome X-Fractors (142/220 - 64.5%)
2010 Bowman Platinum Refractors (60/100 - 60%)
2011 Topps Diamond (444/660 - 67.3%)

Finished 2011 Sets: Topps Series 1 Master, Heritage Master, Heritage Chrome, Gypsy Queen Framed Green, Gypsy Queen Minis, Heritage Black

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