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Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!

RE: Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!
(06-17-2011, 02:11 AM)yankeeempire Wrote: Here is my argument for Maris. Maris won back to back MVP awards in a time he was playing with the likes of Mantle,Mays,Aaron and Kaline etc etc and beat them out which is not a easy feat. then you have his 7 time all star appearances. 3 time world series championships. A gold glove. the fact he still hold the record (Bonds,Sosa,Mcgwire cheated) Thats not including all the AL pennants he won. In 1960 baseball was dying and what he and Mantle did in the summer of 61 no doubt sparked the interest back up so much and got it through the Vietnam war. They can hang his bat in the HOF they can make a display about him but yet the man isn't enshrined in bronze on the wall....and oh yea he never spit on a umpire!!!!

What about Ken Griffey, Jr?
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