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Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!

RE: Hall of Fame Discussion..Everyone is welcome!
(06-17-2011, 01:48 AM)evolb909 Wrote: Retired Future HoFers:

Barry Larkin
Ken Griffey Jr.
Frank Thomas
Mike Mussina
Jeff Kent
Greg Maddux
Randy Johnson
Tom Glavine
Craig Biggio
Mike Piazza

Current Future HoFers:
Albert Pujols
Omar Vizquel
Edgar Renteria
Roy Halladay
CC Sabathia
Jim Thome
Derek Jeter
Mariano Rivera
Vlad Guerrero

Should be:

Jack Morris
Alan Trammell
Steve Garvey
Fred McGriff

I forgot about Larkin. The reason I keep forgetting about him is because I keep thinking he's already in when hes not.
Main Players: Derek Jeter, Mike Sweeney, Brett Hull, Jordan Binnington, Brendan Gallagher, Jaden Schwartz and Leon Draisaitl
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