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Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
03-27-2014, 08:58 PM
Post: #251
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
(03-05-2014 01:25 AM)jplarson Wrote:  Looking for these Topps Finest cards

2010 Finest
Finest Atomic Refractor Rookies
FAR2 Eric Berry
FAR4 Dexter McCluster
FAR7 Montario Hardesty
FAR9 Mike Williams
FAR10 Dez Bryant
FAR11 Joe McKnight
FAR12 Colt McCoy
FAR15 Jimmy Clausen
FAR16 Demaryius Thomas
FAR17 Jonathan Dwyer
FAR18 Golden Tate
FAR19 Rolando McClain
FAR20 C.J. Spiller
FAR21 Arrelious Benn
FAR24 Emmanuel Sanders
FAR25 Tim Tebow

Finest Moments
FM2 Jonathan Dwyer
FM3 Jermaine Gresham
FM4 Toby Gerhart
FM5 Montario Hardesty
FM6 LeSean McCoy
FM8 Ben Tate
FM11 Darren McFadden
FM12 Arrelious Benn
FM14 Jimmy Clausen
FM15 Ray Rice
FM16 Earl Thomas
FM17 Marques Colston
FM19 DeSean Jackson
FM23 Jamaal Charles
FM24 Brandon Marshall
FM25 Tim Tebow

2011 Finest
Finest Atomic Refractor Rookies
FARAD Andy Dalton
FARAG A.J. Green
FARBG Blaine Gabbert
FARCN Cam Newton
FARDB Da'Quan Bowers
FARDM DeMarco Murray
FARJB Jon Baldwin
FARJH Jamie Harper
FARJJ Julio Jones
FARJL Jake Locker
FARMI Mark Ingram
FARPA Prince Amukamara
FARRC Randall Cobb
FARRW Ryan Williams
FARTS Torrey Smith
FARVM Von Miller

Finest Moments
FMTY Titus Young
FMTJ Thomas Jones
FMRW Ryan Williams
FMRM Ryan Mallett
FMRC Randall Cobb
FMPH Peyton Hillis
FMML Mikel Leshoure
FMJM Jerod Mayo
FMJB Jon Baldwin
FMDM DeMarco Murray
FMCN Cam Newton
FMBG Blaine Gabbert
FMAR Antrel Rolle
FMAP Adrian Peterson
FMAJG A.J. Green

2012 Finest
19 Julio Jones
57 Jared Allen
58 Mario Williams
85 Greg Jennings
92 Aaron Hernandez
103 Nick Foles
107 Lamar Miller
108 Doug Martin
110 Andrew Luck
120 Robert Griffen III
121 Mohamed Sanu
133 Morris Claiborne
137 Michael Brockers

Finest Moments
FMAJ Alshon Jeffery (quantity 2)

Finest Refractors (and all variations)
119 Alshon Jeffery

2013 Finest
7 David Wilson
8 Stevan Ridley
11 Matt Schaub
12 Brandon Weeden
15 Christian Ponder
16 Earl Thomas
32 Marshawn Lynch
36 Von Miller
38 Justin Blackmon
39 Jared Allen
40 Tom Brady
46 James Jones
62 Greg Olsen
63 Frank Gore
64 Julio Jones
65 Steven Jackson
67 Jeremy Maclin
73 Tim Tebow
75 Russell Wilson
84 Vernon Davis
87 Doug Martin
88 Willis McGahee
92 LeSean McCoy
94 C.J. Spiller
97 Randall Cobb
100 Aaron Rodgers
102 Zach Ertz RC
103 DeAndre Hopkins RC
108 Quinton Patton RC
110 Matt Barkley RC
112 Markus Wheaton RC
115 EJ Manuel RC
118 Chris Harper RC
122 Stepfan Taylor RC
126 Luke Joeckel RC
128 Dee Milliner RC
129 Jarvis Jones RC
131 Manti Te'o RC
136 Tavarres King RC
138 Marcus Lattimore RC
139 Ryan Swope RC
144 Kenjon Barner RC
146 Geno Smith RC
148 Vance McDonald RC
150 Dion Jordan RC

Got 2013 Finest :
#16, 32, 62, 73, 88, 97, 103, 108, 110, 115, 136, 144, 150
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04-02-2014, 12:07 PM
Post: #252
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
(11-10-2012 09:24 AM)Stackfan Wrote:  Topps Chrome 2012

I'm looking for:



I have numerous doubles on:
3,5, 6,7, 11,12,13,14,10,21,49, 47,42,51, 46, 37, 33,44,39,50,
47,27, 62, 60,61,56,53,58, 69,71,74, 73, 80, 85, 95, 99,98,94,93,111,113, 100, 101,108, 120,125, 122, 111,108,130,131,148,149,137, 189, 147,142,132, 141,138,142,144, 149, 152,153,172,151, 152, 156,158,161,164, 165,167,195, 187, 176, 187, 198,213,212,207,204, 203, 209, 210, 211,215, 218, 220,

If any can help me out, if would be much appreciated. I'm up for trades/buying.

I have 13 cards for you... 219, 166, 116, 104, 90, 81, 68, 65, 43, 38, 29, 28, and 4

I need the following from 2012 Chrome:
14, 33, 35 58, 87, 121, 145, 157, 174, 182, 188, 217, and 218.

Let's make a trade?

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04-06-2014, 09:35 AM
Post: #253
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
Needing 2010 Certified Shirt Off My Back Primes, non-autos.
Needing 2011 R&S Longevity Materials Black Prime.

Collecting Falcons, 3 Color or More Patches!
--- 2011 Rookies and Stars Materials Black Prime Longevity 053 out of 106 found. HELP!
[Image: StevenJacksonFalconsSmall.jpg]

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06-27-2014, 07:27 AM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2015 02:50 PM by stevca.)
Post: #254
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
updated post on next page

Looking for 2007 Topps Draft Picks & Prospects Chrome cards for my sets! (black
ref, bronze ref, silver, silver ref, gold and gold refs)
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07-01-2014, 06:04 PM (This post was last modified: 07-03-2014 07:36 PM by JUNEJUNES.)
Post: #255
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
2012 Prestige Extra Points Blue #/999


UPDATED 07/01/2014

206 Nick Perry Packers
208 Andre Branch Jaguars
210 Fletcher Cox Eagles
211 Chandler Jones Patriots
216 Alfred Morris Redskins
218 Melvin Ingram Chargers
230 Robert Griffin III Redskins
231 Ryan Tannehill Dolphins
233 Brock Osweiler Broncos
238 Russell Wilson Seahawks
239 Chandler Harnish Colts
243 Lamar Miller Dolphins
245 Doug Martin Buccaneers
247 Isaiah Pead Rams
249 LaMichael James[ 49ers
251 Ronnie Hillman Broncos
252 Chris Rainey Steelers
253 Bruce Irvin Seahawks
254 Dan Herron Bengals
255 Robert Turbin Seahawks
258 Bryce Brown Eagles
262 Mark Barron Buccaneers
271 Kendall Wright Titans
273 Mohamed Sanu Bengals
274 Alshon Jeffery Bears
279 Keshawn Martin Texans
281 Tommy Streeter Ravens
282 Joe Adams Panthers
283 Chris Givens Rams
289 Marvin McNutt Eagles
290 Jeff Fuller Dolphins
293 LaVon Brazill Colts
294 Michael Smith Buccaneers
295 A.J. Jenkins 49ers
298 Danny Coale Cowboys
300 Travis Benjamin Browns
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08-12-2014, 08:24 PM
Post: #256
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
Looking For The Following 2014 Score inserts:

BA1 (Arizona Cardinals)
BA2 (Atlanta Falcons)
BA4 (Buffalo Bills)
BA5 (Carolina Panthers)
BA6 (Chicago Bears)
BA7 (Cincinnati Bengals)
BA8 ((Cleveland Browns)
BA10 (Denver Broncos)
BA11 (Detroit Lions)
BA12 (Green Bay Packers)
BA13 (Houston Texans)
BA14 (Indianapolis Colts)
BA15 (Jacksonville Jaguars)
BA16 (Kansas City Chiefs)
BA18 (Minnesota Vikings)
BA19 (New England Patriots)
BA22 (New York Jets)
BA23 (Oakland Raiders)
BA24 (Philadelphia Eagles)
BA26 (San Diego Chargers)
BA27 (San Francisco 49ers)
BA29 (St. Louis Rams)
BA32 (Washington Redskins)

BA12 (Green Bay Packers)

CP1 (A. Peterson)
CP2 (A.J. Green)
CP3 (A. Johnson)
CP4 (S. Smith)
CP5 (V. Davis)
CP7 (R. Rice)
CP9 (P. Peterson)
CP11 (C. Johnson)
CP12 (D. Jackson)
CP13 (K. Moreno)
CP14 (A. Gates)
CP15 (P. Garcon)
CP16 (R. Sherman)
CP20 (M. Jones-Drew)
CP21 (V. Cruz)
CP22 (B. Roethlisberger)
CP23 (Z. Stacy)
CP24 (E. Thomas)

DE1 (J. Charles)
DE2 (M. Lynch)
DE4 (K. Moreno)
DE5 (A. Peterson)
DE6 (F. Gore)
DE7 (J. Graham)
DE8 (D. Thomas)
DE10 (V. Davis)
DE11 (C. Jonson)
DE12 (J. Thomas)

DE1 (J. Charles)
DE3 (E. Lacy)
DE5 (A. Peterson)

DE1 (J. Charles)
DE3 (E. Lacy)
DE5 (A. Peterson)

FC1 (A. Rodgers)
FC2 (B. Roethlisberger)
FC3 (C. Kaepernick)
FC4 (D. Brees)
FC5 (A. Luck)
FC7 (P. Rivers)
FC8 (R. Wilson)
FC9 (RG3)

HR4 (S. Watkins)
HR6 (M. Lee)
HR7 (O. Beckham, Jr.)
HR8 (B. Cooks)
HR9 (K. Benjamin)
HR10 (D. Carr)
HR11 (J. Garoppolo)
HR13 (C. Hyde)
HR14 (K. Carey)
HR15 (B. Sankey)
HR16 (A. Robinson)
HR20 (E. Ebron)
HR22 (D. Dennard)
HR23 (A. Williams)
HR24 (T. West)
HR25 (D. Freeman)
HR26 (Z. Mettenberger)
HR28 (T. Savage)
HR29 (J. Clowney)
HR32 (J. Landry)
HR34 (M. Bryant)
HR35 (B. Ellington)
HR36 (C. Latimer)
HR37 (D. Archer)
HR40 (T. Mason)
HR41 (T. Niklas)
HR42 (D. Thomas)
HR43 (J. Huff)
HR45 (A. Barr)
HR46 (H. Clinton-Dix)
HR47 (J. Brown)
HR448 (K. Ealy)

NG1 (R. Wilson / E.J. Manuel)
NG2 (M. Prater / D. Bailey)
NG3 (J. Cutler / B. Hoyer)
NG4 (C. Kaepernick / G. Smith)
MG5 (M. Glenonn / S. Bradford)
MG6 (T. Romo / N. Foles)
NG7 (D. Brees / M. Stafford)
NG8 (E. Manning / RG3)
NG9 (R. Woods / D. Hopkins)
NG13 (K. Allen / T.Y. Hilton)
NG14 (M. Brown / J. Blackmon)
NG15 (B. Marshall / M. Crabtree)
NG18 (R. Tannehill / P. Rivers)
NG19 (P. Manning / A. J. Green)
NG20 (R. Cobb / J. Maclin)
NG22 (F. Gore / R. Bush)
NG23 (M. Ingram / D. Martin)
NG25 (J. Haden / V. Davis)
NG26 (B. Flowers / D. Revis)
NG27 (M. Lynch / R. Mathews)
NG28 (J. Charles / L. McCoy)
NG29 (R. Sherman / G. Bernard)
NG31 (A. Peterson / C.J. Spiller)
NG32 (E. Berry / E. Thomas)
NG34 (T. Mathieu / E. Weddle)
NG35 (S. Jackson / D. Woodhead)
NG37 (D. Bryant / D. Thomas)
NG38 (E. Decker / J. Nelson)
NG39 (B. Pettigrew / R. Gronkowski)
NG41 (C. Patterson / A. Brown)
NG42 (W. Welker / T. Williams)
NG43 (V. Cruz / J. Graham)
NG44 (D. Ryans / L. Kuechly)
NG45 (V. Miller / R. Maualuga)
NG46 (C. Matthews / P. Willis)
NG50 (M. Forte / S. Ridley)

I have many RCs and some inserts from 2014 Score for trade, as well as base and inserts from many other sets. Also have base and inserts of many HOFs and future HOFs to trade - all marked in my org.

Please note: Not looking to trade GU or Autos for the Score I need, but anything else in my org is fair game.

Please send offers! Thanks,

Always trading for my set needs -and for Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Manny Machado, Buster Posey, and Frank Thomas.
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08-13-2014, 01:03 PM (This post was last modified: 08-13-2014 01:11 PM by waynetalger.)
Post: #257
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
(09-24-2013 11:06 AM)tsmalldon Wrote:  2008 Topps Base - 17-31-49-67-96-98-109-169-170-190-197-264-284-333-338-340-345-356-359-364-370-378-383-391-397-412-414-421-422-427-437

2010 Topps Unrivaled Gold /499 - ANY

Check Bucket or Will Buy. http://s857.photobucket.com/user/tsmalldon1/library/
according to my list I have 18 of your needs. Please send me an offer

(11-01-2013 02:51 AM)temple sportscards Wrote:  I'm looking for colored refractors of NY Giants and Tennessee Titans, but you have nothing listed in your organize.
according to my trade list I have
2005 Bowman Chrome Red Refractors #154 Justin Tuck
and these 2 that are not collored
2007 Finest Vince Young Finest Moments Refractors #9 Vince Young
2009 Topps Platinum Rookie Refractors #128 Kenny Britt

[Image: roughdraft_edited-1.jpg]
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08-16-2014, 06:52 AM (This post was last modified: 08-16-2014 06:53 AM by shaterproof.)
Post: #258
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
I need a 2011 topps football gold 408. Ed Reed
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09-05-2014, 11:21 PM (This post was last modified: 11-24-2014 03:20 AM by jplarson.)
Post: #259
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
(03-27-2014 08:58 PM)fknight Wrote:  Got 2013 Finest :
#16, 32, 62, 73, 88, 97, 103, 108, 110, 115, 136, 144, 150

Only took me 6 months but offer sent!

Got 5 trades done in the last two weeks, looking for some more as I polish off these checklists!

2012 Finest #19 Julio Jones
2012 Finest #57 Jared Allen
2012 Finest #58 Mario Williams
2012 Finest #85 Greg Jennings
2012 Finest #92 Aaron Hernandez
2012 Finest #103 Nick Foles RC
2012 Finest #107 Lamar Miller RC
2012 Finest #108 Doug Martin RC
2012 Finest #110 Andrew Luck RC
2012 Finest #120 Robert Griffin III RC
2012 Finest #121 Mohamed Sanu RC
2012 Finest #133 Morris Claiborne RC
2012 Finest #137 Michael Brockers RC

2013 Finest #7 David Wilson
2013 Finest #8 Stevan Ridley
2013 Finest #12 Brandon Weeden
2013 Finest #15 Christian Ponder
2013 Finest #32 Marshawn Lynch
2013 Finest #36 Von Miller
2013 Finest #39 Jared Allen
2013 Finest #62 Greg Olsen
2013 Finest #65 Steven Jackson
2013 Finest #67 Jeremy Maclin
2013 Finest #73 Tim Tebow
2013 Finest #84 Vernon Davis
2013 Finest #88 Willis McGahee
2013 Finest #92 LeSean McCoy
2013 Finest #94 C.J. Spiller
2013 Finest #102 Zach Ertz RC
2013 Finest #103 DeAndre Hopkins RC
2013 Finest #108 Quinton Patton RC
2013 Finest #110 Matt Barkley RC
2013 Finest #112 Markus Wheaton RC
2013 Finest #115 EJ Manuel RC
2013 Finest #122 Stepfan Taylor RC
2013 Finest #128 Dee Milliner RC
2013 Finest #129 Jarvis Jones RC
2013 Finest #131 Manti Te'o RC
2013 Finest #136 Tavarres King RC
2013 Finest #146 Geno Smith RC
2013 Finest #150 Dion Jordan RC

2000 Absolute Leather & Laces | Blog | 1999 Finest
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09-09-2014, 01:06 PM
Post: #260
RE: Set Builders Post Your Set NEEDS
Just starting these sets...I literally do not have even one card of them yet...will be working on them slowly along with my player PCs. If I have cards that will help any of you, feel free to send me an offer!
1997 Fleer Skybox Premium Autographics Century Mark:
1.Karim Abdul-Jabar
2. Larry Allen
3. Terry Allen
4. Mike Alstott
5.Darnell Autry
6. Tony Banks
7. Pat Barnes
8. Jeff Blake
9. Michael Booker
10. Reuben Brown
11. Rae Caruth
12. Cris Carter
13. Ben Coates
14.Ernie Conwell
15.Terrell Davis
16. Ty Detmer
17. Ken Dilger
18. Correy Dillon
19. Jim Druckenmiller
20. Rickey Duddley
21. Brett Favre
22. Antonio Freeman
23. Daryl Gardener
24. Chris Gedney
25. Eddie George
26. Hunter Goodwin
27. Marvin Harrison
28. Garrison Hearst
29. William Henderson (x2)
30. Michael Jackson
31. Tory James
32. Rob Johnson
33. Chris T. Jones
34. Pete Kendall
35. Eddie Kennison
36. David LaFleur
37. Jeff Lewis
38. Thomas Lewis
39. Kevin Lockett
40. Brian Manning
41. Dan Marino
42. Ed McCaffrey
43.Keenan McCardell
44.Glynn Milburn
45. Alex Molden
46. Johnnie Morton
47. Winslow Oliver
48. Jerry Rice
49. Rahaam Salaam
50. Frank Sanders
51. Shannon Sharpe
52. Sedrick Shaw
53. Alex Smith
54. Antowain Smith
55. Emmitt Smith
56. Jimmy Smith
57. Shawn Springs
58. James O. Stewart
59. Kordell Stewart
60. Rodney Thomas
61. Amani Toomer
62. Floyd Turner
63. Alex Van Dyke
64. Mike Vrabel
65. Charles Way
66. Chris Warren
67. Reggie White
68. Ricky Whittle
69. Sherman Williams
70. Jon Witman.

Will update these lists soon: 2012 Topps Valor Shield of Honor Patch Autographs, and Shield of Honor Patch autographs Glory.

Packers:Rodgers, Nelson
Prizm Patented Penmanship autos
2009 Exquisite Autobiographies
A. Rodgers Chrome blue 2006
A. Rodgers Playoff 2016 parallels
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