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Looking for these Members (updated as of 09/01/2017
04-29-2011, 02:17 PM
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RE: Looking for these Members (updated as of 4/27/11)
(04-28-2011 01:54 PM)georgehenrycollector Wrote:  I think you have me listed as a bad trader concerning a sale with jringo007.
First off this is just a miscommunication issue. The guy sent me the card I sent him the concealed cash he asked for. Forgot to add dc on the envelope. Waited 2 weeks guy said nothing. I figured the cash arrived. He then contacted me on the 21st. A full 3 weeks later. I did not know about it since I don't come on the Beckett boards much cause it is hard to trade on here. If you check my log dates you can see I don't get on here much. I was contacted today on SCF by a fellow member. I went to a thread jring started trying to say I jipped him. Which is not true. I am returning his card. Even though I find it strange that he waited so long to say anything and that he never emailed me . Here is the shipping video please take me off your bad traders list if I was ever placed on it.

I am not a thief or a bad trader. And I will for sure never send concealed cash again.
First of all i cant see where its my responsibilty to make sure i got my end. He didnt have paypal at the time so i said mail it when you get my end. he didnt have a problem with that at all, he said he wud put it in a bubble with a dc# he contacted me after he got his end and told me mine was on the way and he would send with a dc# i was very patient and after 2 weeks i sent him a pm asking him about it and he never sent me a message back. when i posted asking about him i wasnt rude about it at all nor called him a theif. I simply asked if someone knew him him,if he was busy or out of town,or if somthing came up. That upset him and now its my fault i didnty get my end. I guess from now on i need to be sending pm"s daily asking about my cards. He said he wud send with a dc and never did. plain and simple i didnt get my end and he never did what he said he wud. I told him to just sent it back and all this is droped. I did my part and made sure he got his...he should of done the same. now im on his ignor list and a crapy trader in his book...whatever grow up. he never argued that he sent the money just that (oh i did didnt you get it) than said he wud send mine back and got all upset cuz of what i posted...again i wasnt rude about it but that i agreed with one's comment so i bacially called him a theif. Thats all i got to say
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