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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
01-08-2012, 05:18 PM
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RE: ~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
Alright! Greetings from the desert! Here are the photos from the little photo shoot I went on. I live In Fountain Hills, AZ. (Please add that to the list on the first page. Well you may have heard of Fountain Hills because it used to be in the Top 10 place to raise a family, not sure if it is anymore (it was a year years ago). We have the 2nd largest fountain in the US, only behind St Louis if I'm not mistaken.
Here is the Fountain.
[Image: 055.jpg]
Here's the Fountain Rodger.
[Image: 058.jpg]
Here's the Fountain with Frank.
[Image: 057.jpg]
Here's just some Mountains in the background.
[Image: 060.jpg]
Top of the Fountain
[Image: 069.jpg]
An idea of what most houses around here look like.
[Image: 059.jpg]
Chillin' on a barrel cactus in our yard.
[Image: 070.jpg]
Cactus "skeleton" and CowTongue cactus.
[Image: 071.jpg]
A DEAD scorpian
[Image: 073.jpg]
And me and my Eagles jersey and car sticker =D
[Image: 072.jpg]

Thanks for the look! Coming out to a little someone special tomorrow!

Collecting Jimmer Fredette.
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