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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
11-26-2010, 07:50 PM
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~~~~~Where Are You Frank & Roger.....?~~~~~
Jeff, so glad to see they made it!&nbsp; <br />
Here are my California pics - sorry it took so long, every time I tried to upload, I would get disconnected - I hate satellite.<br />
Game day, woo hoo!!!&nbsp; It started out a little rainy<br />
&nbsp;[Image: PB210272.jpg]<br />
Luckily, I dressed them well<br />
[Image: PB210278.jpg]<br />
Things were looking up<br />
[Image: PB210274.jpg]<br />
Time to help with the bbq. Tri tip looks great!<br />
[Image: PB210279.jpg]<br />
Just think, if I hadn't forgotten them, they coulda had turkey at the Rams game....<br />
[Image: PB140264.jpg]<br />
but instead, they just got to see a turkey of a game *sigh*<br />
[Image: PB210287.jpg]<br />
They stayed til the bitter end (unlike most)<br />
[Image: PB210291.jpg]<br />
I hope they enjoyed their tailgate adventure more than me Smile<br />
Just noticed I got some of my Niner bling in the pic Wink<br />

Currently trying to build 2010 Gridiron Kings
I collect Steve Young, Manny Lawson, Roger Craig and most things Niners.
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