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The Difference between Collectors and Investors

The Difference between Collectors and Investors
To set this up, I happen to like the Iowa State Cyclones so last year was quite exciting with two Iowa State players in the RPS (Hakeem Butler  and David Montgomery) meaning it was a rare opportunity to actually be able to have a good chance of pulling Iowa State hits out of boxes.

I stopped by a Target last year and found a 2019 Prestige Megbox 

First pack made me happy - I finally was able to get a David Montgomery base card which had proven to be very elusive to me despite being a regular rookie.

Second pack had the first autograph - Lil Jordan Humphrey an UDFA receiver out of Texas - when I turned it over, I noticed that it was the Black One of One.  Hey, a David Montgomery base card and a One of One.  Could this box get any better?

The last pack had the second autograph - I see the Cardinals logo and get excited - could it be a Hakeem Butler autograph?

Then I read the name:


and I think "Oh no, its not Hakeem Butler, how disappointing"

Then after my initial disappointment, I thought "wait a second, even though its not Hakeem Butler, getting a Kyler Murray autograph is actually very good."

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