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Dolphins at #18 should take...

Dolphins at #18 should take...
Dolphins get another shot here! Assuming they go QB at #5, what to do now? They have been spending big on some defensive pieces, so I'll hazard a guess that they go offense here, but the value might be at defense. However...where?! Do they trust their WR corps? They definitely need OL help, but most of the "sure things" are going to be gone. They could use a dynamic RB, but at 18, do they really want to do that? Swift has some injury history, Taylor has a fumble issue at times, and those are kind of the top 2 guys. I think I would go best player available. There could be a solid safety, WR, DT, CB, or edge rusher here. Maybe a LB if they feel a need. Sorry I can't be more specific lol. Let's hear what you think!
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