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MLB reacts to Corona Virus issue

MLB reacts to Corona Virus issue
Here are the changes initiated by MLB for games in 2020:

1. Everyone will be issued a foam finger for purposes of high-fiveing

2. Hot dogs will be shot out of the mascot's cannon into the crowd

3. Pitchers will not be allowed to wipe their brow or lick their fingers on the mound

4. Beer will only be allowed to be served in sealed beer helmets with attached straws

5. Fans will be dropped in their seats by helicopter or skydivers to avoid touching door handles or railings

6. Once a ball reaches the stands by foul ball or home run, the person who catches it will be immediately quarantined for the next full inning

When asked about these changes, Jose Altuve also requested to make sure the garbage can handle was sterilized between pitches

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MLB reacts to Corona Virus issue - by kerryandbeth - 03-11-2020, 06:35 PM

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