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A Truly Cool Hobby Moment - Optic Basketball

RE: A Truly Cool Hobby Moment - Optic Basketball
These guys in the Sports Card Investor discord chat have entire rooms dedicated to finding retail versions of this stuff and buying every bit of it on the spot. I see tons of posts about people cleaning out entire displays.

Apparently there is a company called Excel Marketing who stocks the sports cards in retail. A couple months back a female employee posted pictures on Facebook of her with dozens and dozens of Prizm basketball blasters and mega boxes...that her boyfriend followed her store to store and bought immediately as she stocked them...and in the picture she was wearing her Excel branded employee shirt and a name tag...I think it got blown sky high on the BO forums.

I've yet to find a single Optic anything in retail this year at all. So congrats! Two amazing pulls.

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RE: A Truly Cool Hobby Moment - Optic Basketball - by btrav13 - 03-03-2020, 07:40 AM

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