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I am trying to print out the set checklist of 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mega Box [MoJo] refactors. The pricing for this set was online for months, but is now gone. You have to pay for total access if you want to see it. [Which I think is a bullshit move by Beckett. Anything that was up online should STAY up on line for basic subscribers in my opinion. I am looking at you 2019 Topps Fire, and you 2019 Bowman Chrome Prospects Mojos, but I am sure there are a lot more.]

I want to have this printed out because the Beckett mobile app sucks and I need to have quick access to the prices when in a card shop.

Is printing out the set check list possible ?

Also, why are the prices for 2019 Topps Chrome Update online yet ?? It's been over a month since it's been released. At this point I know more about the prices than Beckett does it would seem. I mean, they know it was going to be released on 10.22, so why are guesstimate prices not up the day of the release ??

Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance for any comments or help =)


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