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T206 Baseball Set Complete Set Question
10-21-2019, 12:42 PM
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RE: T206 Baseball Set Complete Set Question
Do I assume that the variations in red font are not part of the actual set?

The cards may be variations, however they are not officially recognized as such. It was likely just something where the printer was low on or out of ink. While the card may be unique, it's not technically considered a variation. The only variation that is truly recognized as such is the Magie/Magee card.

Are all bv variations part of the set?

Not officially. If you'd like to chase them for your own set just to include that, it might be a cool addition however.

What the heck is the final count without the big four, 520?

The final count without the big four is in fact 520. There have apparently been some collectors/dealers/etc who have included the Cobb red portrait with Cobb back as part of the master set which would then make it an overall (with big 4) 525 card set but there aren't many people out there who seem to look at that card in that light.
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