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Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings

Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings
Hello friends,

So I have sort of an odd but cool Sacramento Kings PC ... I'm trying to get one base card of every player that ever played for the Kings.

Obviously not everyone that played had a card made, but for example I recently traded for this guy ...

[Image: Ryan-Robertson.jpg]

Ryan Robertson played exactly one game for the Kings and scored 5 points, but somehow has a serial numbered RC in the 1999-00 Fleer Focus set.

I don't remember him playing for the Kings and certainly never saw the card before, but was fortunate enough to track it down in leadmetogreatness's ORG.

Point being, I have all the Richmonds, Webbers, Cousins, Bagleys, etc., that I need ... I'm really looking for the obscure guys like this one.

I will definitely trade in your favor if you have these types of cards laying around.

Let me know, thanks!


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Looking for Obscure Sacramento Kings - by rjcj2017 - 10-14-2019, 05:35 PM

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