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Panini Victory Lane set for 5/30 release - CL info

RE: Newest Panini product set for 5/23 release
Yeah, I totally stayed away from NT. I only have 1 card from NT period. It's a 2016 quad MEM JJ card SN15. Three single-color pieces and a 2-color tire in it. I won it on ebay for about $20 shipped. Other than that one, I haven't even tried to get any more NT cards.
I had some good luck today though. I was at Target so OF COURSE I'm buying some cards. They had one box of 2018 Donruss, 4 boxes of 2017 Absolute and 1 marked-down box of 2016 Torque. Since I've bought no boxes of 2018 Donruss, I knew the chances of duplicates were pretty slim. I pulled 2-3 cards of drivers I collect from each pack except the first and last pack. They book-ended the break with one Bayne card each. The last one was the 'hit' and it's NOT a single-color. It's sheetmetal with part of the M.E. LOGO! I'll post a breakdown this weekend.

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RE: Newest Panini product set for 5/23 release - by spazmatastic - 04-13-2018, 10:15 PM

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